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3 Simple Methods To Show Battery Percentage IPhone 12?

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Knowing exactly how much battery your iPhone has is incredibly helpful. I can see how much I can use my iPhone and when it needs to charge.

It is challenging to see your battery percentage in the status bar on the new iPhone design. The battery icon is still visible, but it doesn’t indicate how much power your iPhone has left.

The capability to display battery life in the status bar has been eliminated. There are still alternative perspectives you can adopt, though.

Initial Control Center

Open the Control Center on your iPhone 12 to see the battery level. You can use this simple method to determine the battery’s remaining capacity with any application.

On the screen of your iPhone 12, swipe downward from the top-right corner.

Control Center will launch as a result. In the upper-right corner, there is a battery icon. Next to it is the percentage.

Simply swipe up to close it and carry on with your current task.

This is a fast method of determining the iPhone 12’s battery level. Once you’ve done it enough times, it will come naturally to you.

Utilize Battery Widget 2.

Widgets were finally added to the iPhone with iOS 14. The news was excellent. This gives you a lot of customization choices for your device.

The battery life of your iPhone may be seen using widgets.

You may use a widget to see your iPhone 12’s battery level by following these steps:

Access the Home Screen.

Keep your finger on the empty area of the Home Screen.

At the top-left, click the + sign.

Select the “Batteries” widget.

To view the different Battery widget styles, swipe left or right.

Click “Add Widget” at the bottom once you have decided on the style you prefer. With this, the widget will be added to your Home Screen.

You may move it around on your home screen and place it wherever you like.

Click “Done” in the top-right corner to save the file.

The battery life of every Apple product connected to your iPhone 12, including AirPods and the Apple Watch, is shown in this widget.

To view the battery percentage using this approach, go to the Home Screen. However, it’s a terrific option if you don’t mind this.

3. Siri

This is a fun method to check the charge of your battery. When you don’t have your iPhone, it’s also helpful.

Siri can display the battery’s level.

Select “Settings.”

Choose “Siri & Search.”

Make “Listen for Siri” and/or “Press Side Button to Siri” options available.

Hold down the side button on your iPhone 12 and speak “Hey Siri” to activate Siri.

How much remaining battery capacity do you have?

On your screen, Siri will read out the percentage and the battery level.

How Can I View the Battery Level of My iPhone From My Lock Screen?

You may look at your battery statistics without unlocking your phone. Your battery statistics are accessible from the Lock Screen in a simple method.

During Charging

Once your iPhone 12 is plugged in and charging, all you need to do is tap the screen to briefly display the percentage indicator.

By means of Control Center

When your iPhone 12 is locked, you may check its battery level by making a few changes in the Settings app.

Select “Settings.”

Decide on “Face ID and Passcode.”

The “Allow Access When locked” feature can be found by scrolling down.

Accept “Control Center” as an option.

Swipe up from the top-right corner of your locked device to see the battery level.

Final Words

On the iPhone 12, other face ID models, or any other model, the battery percentage cannot be permanently shown, but there are a number of ways to check it.

You can use the Control Center or just ask Siri to add widgets to your Home Screen. Another choice is to tap the iPhone’s screen while it’s charging.

You now understand how to determine the iPhone’s battery level. Our other posts might interest you as well.

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