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How To Change Screen Timeout On IPhone In 4 Easy Steps

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Go to display settings on your iPhone, then pick autolock settings to lengthen the screen timeout.

I realised I needed to disable the iPhone’s auto-lock feature while I was cooking. I couldn’t touch the phone to view the recipe because my hands were filthy. Once I figured out how to change the iPhone’s screen timeout, it was simple.

Do you need to know how to change the iPhone’s screen timeout? The place for you is here. Get to the point, please.

How Can I Change My iPhone’s Auto-Lock Time?

Your iPhone’s auto lock setting can be modified to extend the lifespan of the display or reduce battery usage.

Change your iPhone’s auto-lock time by following these steps:

  • the Settings app, then.
  • Toggle between “Display & Brightness”
  • Choose “Auto-Lock”
  • Choose how long you want your device to automatically lock after.

How Do I Prevent the iPhone Screen From Timing Out?

By tapping the power button, the iPhone screen will shut off automatically.

  • Get the “Settings app” open.
  • “Display & Brightness” can be tapped.
  • Select “Auto-Lock.”
  • At the bottom of this list, select “Never.”

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